Q: What is a Digital Download?

A: – A digital Download is a video you can download and play anywhere.

We currently offer 3 Digital Download types:

(1) PC Digital Download (480p) (720p) (1080p)
(2) iPad/Tablet Digital Download
(3) iPhone/Android Digital Download

Q: Which Digital Download is right for me?

A: The answer to that question depends on a few key factors.

(1) what is the primary device you want to watch the video on?

(Desktop/Laptop – iPad/Tablet – iPhone/Android)

Desktop/Laptop: Home viewing on your laptop or desktop

iPad/Tablet: Mobile viewing with friends and Family

iPhone/Android: Mobile viewing for you and a friend

(2) Can your computer handle the video?

Check out our reccomended system requirement for the Desktop/laptop Digital Downloads

480p: Dual Core Proccessor 2.0GHZ or better, Integrated graphics card, 2gb ram, 1GB Free HDD space, Screen Resolution of  1024×768 or Greater.

720p: Dual Core Proccessor 3.0GHZ or better, Integrated graphics card, 4gb ram, 2GB Free HDD space, Screen Resolution of 1280×720 or Greater.

1080p: Quad Core Proccessor 2.5GHZ or better, dedicated graphics card, 4gb ram, 3.5 GBFree HDD space, Screen Resolution of 1920×1080 or Greater.

(3) Do you have enough space for the video?

Please refer to the following table for Digital Download Size Requirements:

480p Digital Download: 1GB, or 1,000 MB

720p Digital Download: 2GB, or 2,000 MB

1080p Digital Download: 3.5GB, or 3,500 MB

iPad/Tablet Digital Download: .5 GB, or 500 MB

iPhone/Android Digital Download .25 GB, or 250 MB

Q: What are the advantages of Blu Ray vs DVD?

A:  High Definition (HD) Blu Ray Disc, offer vast advantages over (SD) DVDs.

(1) Blu Ray offer 3 Times the resolution of DVDs – Noticeable enhancements are in facial detail, enhanced sharpness, and Scenery.

(2) High Definition Uncompressed Audio – Blu Ray provides Uncompressed HD Audio.

This allows for a mindblowingly powerfull audio experience.

Q: I just placed an order! when can I expect it?

A: Thank you for your order!

Depending on what delivery option you chose at the checkout will determine how many business days before your order arrives. Usually if you order before 12:00pm CST your order will ship that same day.

Q: Do you accept returns?
A: We do not currently accept returns for any item.

Q: Do you give refunds?
A: We do not currently give refunds for any item.