PMW 350

At Otherworld Media, we are dedicated to providing you with the absolute best in image quality.

Offering State of the Art, High Definition Broadcast Grade Cameras.

Along with Advanced 4k, and 6k Cinema Grade Recording Solutions.

Otherworld Media can meet and exceed quality expectations.

Along with Full camera support Equipment (Jibs, Dollies, and Steadicams)

Equipment List:

  • Red Epic Dragon 6k

  • Sony PMW 350K

  • Sony PMW F5

  • Canon Rebel T2i

  • Panasonic GH4

  • Go Pro Hero 4

Support Gear:

  • EZ FX 15 Foot Jib/crane (with Support for 50lb Cameras at 7ft and 25lb Cameras at 15ft)

  • Libec RS-450 (support for cameras up to 26.5 lb)

  • EZ FX Wheeled Dolly (with support for cameras up to 26.5 lb)

  • Main Edit Suite:

Editing Hardware:
2x Core i7 4ghz Processor
2x 16Gb Ram
2x 4tb Hard drives
2x 2048mb GTX 580 Graphics Cards

  • Secondary Edit Suite:

2x Core 2 Q6600
2x 8Gb Ram
2x 4tb Hard drives
2x 1024mb Ati 4970 Graphics Cards